Fifa 16 – enjoy the game with latest features and better graphics

 Do you love to play soccer on your computer device? Then Fifa 2016 from the house of EA sports can be a very much interesting game for you. With latest features and more developed graphics it has already become extremely popular among the kids, teenagers and young computer game lovers


  • With better locomotion and agility you will be able to play better in defense choosing the best defenders in the world.
  • When you are playing as a single player, the other players will now also help you in a better way to defend the attack of the opposition.
  • A lot of new fake tackles, moves, animations, tackling mechanisms have been added in this latest version of the game for better tackling skills.
  • You will experience better intelligence in the interception of the players.

There are some other lucrative added features in this new version which will make the game much more engaging and interesting.

Better graphics:

People have always liked the Graphics of Fifa football games. However, with this latest version, you will enjoy far better graphics. It has become more realistic than ever before. The players will look not only more realistic but at the same time, their moves will also look special. The atmosphere of the ground will look as absolutely real as well.



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