Why is Playstation the best gaming console in the market?


Playstation was developed and marketed by Sony on 1994 as a gaming console. It was launched in Japan. New features were attached by the developments of the technologies. You can use new Playstation as a media centre as well as home console.

What are the catchy points?

As you can see that it can be used as multiple devices that are why you can use your Smartphone to share contents with Playstation.  There are two controllers used in many games which are controlled by motion sensor and cameras. You can attach high definition TV with it even a 4k screen.

  • You can play latest games.
  • It can render high-quality
  • High-quality sound output makes everything realistic.

How to use your Smartphone as a second screen for PS4?

There was an app called ‘PlayStation’ on the app store which can be used to turn your tablet or Smartphone as a second screen. As a result, users can have a great experience with the second screen.

Famous games

You can play various games on Playstation even RPGs. Final Fantasy was the most preferred game when it was released. Later, there was another version ‘final fantasy tactics’ which was the most famous game. Super Mario was an epic game for the Playstation. Everyone can play this game with stunning visuals.




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