Dark souls III-playstation 4 action role-play game

 If you are a video game freak then Dark Souls III should not be new to you. It is a new action role-play game developed by From software for PS4, Xbox one and Microsoft windows on March 2016 in Japan & April 2016 worldwide.

What is theme of Dark Souls III

The main theme of Dark Souls III pivots round linking of First flame. The game is between ‘Unkindled Ash’ the dark hero and the protagonist who tries to get back 4 lords of Cinder to link up ‘First Fire’. Lord of cinder is the guardian of the first flame. The first flame can be linked by lords and Gwyn.

Name of the five lord of fire

The name of the five lords of fire are-

  • Ludleth the Exiled
  • Aldritch saint of the deep
  • Farron and his abyss watchers
  • Yhorm the giant
  • Holy king Lothric

Why will you play it?

Reasons for which you may like to play it can be listed below

  • Improvement in scuffle fight.
  • Interlaced arena design.
  • The story of Bloodbome and Dark Souls I is mixed in a fashionable way.
  • Very crafty sign of incident of earlier games.
  • Animation is very lively.



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