What are the different versions of PlayStation and its utility?


What is PlayStation?

PlayStation is a type of video game that developed by Sony. The PlayStation was established in the year 1994. Then in the year 2000 Playstation version 2 and in the year 2006 PlayStation version 3 was released. The first version of PlayStation was the modified as well as improved version of earlier cartridge players. This cartridge player was released in the year 1990.

Unique graphic design:

A scientific and unique quality graphic design has been used in the PlayStation game. The CD-ROMs loaded with PlayStation allows the players faster loading times, better graphical user interfaces as well as powerful visual environments. The modified version of this game PS2 provides another facility with regard to the processing power as well as gameplay.

Online gaming facility:

A CPU can be able to do sixty-six million polygons per second. It has also USB ports as well as a modem that allows the user to play the game online. To compete with Xbox 360 of Microsoft and Wii of Nintendo, this console feels the interest to release the PS3 edition of PlayStation. The PS3 includes the facilities:

  • A Cell processor of 3.2 Ghz
  • WIFI
  • A USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet port as well as Bluetooth 2.0
  • A totally functional web browser
  • Multiple users outline
  • Display & playback and Media file storage



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