PlayStation: the most thrilled way to play a game

 As the technology is advancing with great speed, it is helping the gamers a lot, because these days’ they are playing the games in a lot easier way. There are many gaming consoles are present today like PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox one, etc.

Main gaming consoles:

  • PlayStation:

PlayStation is the sequence of video game console which is authorized by Sony Entertainment. Sony introduced four versions of PlayStation. In 1994, Sony launched their first gaming console known as Playstation. Then they launched PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and recently they released PlayStation 4. Playstation 3 is super cool, but PlayStation 4 is the god of all the PlayStation versions because of the graphics and the features.

  • Xbox:

Xbox is another series of gaming console but it is created and authorized by Microsoft. In Xbox also, there are many consoles like Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox one. Xbox one is the latest version of the Xbox console.

Xbox or PlayStation 4:

Xbox and PlayStation both were launched in 2013. So there is a significant competition between these two gaming consoles as both of them belong from two different reputed companies. But PlayStation 4 is a genius, an excellent creation by Sony. Except the game library, Sony PlayStation 4 wins in every section of hardware, performance, graphics, etc.

So it is always a pleasure to play the games like Fifa 16, Need for speed, and watchdogs in PlayStation 4. As it is very user-friendly, the users don’t face any problem at all.



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