Dark souls III-playstation 4 action role-play game

 If you are a video game freak then Dark Souls III should not be new to you. It is a new action role-play game developed by From software for PS4, Xbox one and Microsoft windows on March 2016 in Japan & April 2016 worldwide.

What is theme of Dark Souls III

The main theme of Dark Souls III pivots round linking of First flame. The game is between ‘Unkindled Ash’ the dark hero and the protagonist who tries to get back 4 lords of Cinder to link up ‘First Fire’. Lord of cinder is the guardian of the first flame. The first flame can be linked by lords and Gwyn.

Name of the five lord of fire

The name of the five lords of fire are-

  • Ludleth the Exiled
  • Aldritch saint of the deep
  • Farron and his abyss watchers
  • Yhorm the giant
  • Holy king Lothric

Why will you play it?

Reasons for which you may like to play it can be listed below

  • Improvement in scuffle fight.
  • Interlaced arena design.
  • The story of Bloodbome and Dark Souls I is mixed in a fashionable way.
  • Very crafty sign of incident of earlier games.
  • Animation is very lively.



PlayStation: the most popular type of games of modern day

 What is a PlayStation?

A PlayStation is nothing but video games. The PlayStation is actually a series of different types of video games made by the company Sony Interactive Entertainment. This PlayStation was first started in the year of 1994. This was started in the country of Japan in the month of December. Gradually it has spread to all other countries.

In the current days, PlayStation is available in almost all countries of the world. People of all types are literally addicted to the different games offered by the PlayStation. In the present days, PlayStation consists of four different home consoles. PlayStation also has a media center.

Apart from the four home consoles and the media center, there is also an online service of the PlayStation. You will also get two handhelds, a line of controllers and also a phone along with the PlayStation. There are also different types of magazines of the PlayStation available in the present days.

History of PlayStation

Till date, there are four PlayStation:

  • PlayStation 1
  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4

The original console of the PlayStation series was actually the very first video game to actually ship as much as 100 million units in 9 and a half years after it was launched. The second PlayStation is however the most popular PlayStation till date. The third and fourth PlayStations are also popular.


The world of PlayStation and things related to it

 The world of gaming is revolutionised by the presences of PlayStation. It is a gadget which every single person wishes to have in his room and the kids are going crazy for it. If you are getting the thing for your children, you will find that from the news he has become excited. This tells the magic it does to you and your surroundings.

Games you play with your family-

There are many games in the world which is designed for you and your child. The little one must stay away from the games which are not for him and you have to keep an eye on this matter. This is a thing which you must do to give him a quality time.

  • There are many games in the world of play station. You will fall in love with them all. The games are of different genres.
  • You have to choose which one you like because without your liking you will not get the fun which is really present in it.

Have fun-

The most important thing you must look for is fun. If you are getting fun from one game then you need not to worry about anything. Just go for it.

There are some rules which you must follow to give proper education to your child with the help of it. This is essential for you to secure his future.


Why Uncharted 2 is one of the best PlayStation 3 games?



When it comes to action-adventure games on the PS3, the uncharted franchise has always been the go-to game for this purpose. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the second instalment in this franchise and one that is not only considered to be the best in the franchise but also the best game to ever come out on the PlayStation 3.

Why is it so good?

One of the greatest achievements of this game is making the narration life like and the characters relatable. All of them feel human and as such, are a joy to watch. And all of this is achieved by an overwhelming amount of details put in-game.

For instance, just the sight of Drake (the main character) flailing his arms around to grab anything that’s near is enough to put the player on the edge of his or her seat.

Also, this game boasts of huge set pieces which seem to be taken straight out of a Hollywood action movie. The gameplay is smooth, the shooting feels ‘real’ and the movement of the characters feel organic. There is not a single game out there which has dared to do what this game has, and it is because of these reasons that it is considered to be one of the best ever.


Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End – one of the best upcoming games


Playing video games can be one of the best pastimes for you. Here is one of the best video games which you can enjoy at home.

Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End:

It is a shooter game that you are going to enjoy a lot. If you have already played the other version of Uncharted, then you are going to enjoy the game twice. The story will be carried forward from Uncharted 3. Drake will get his brother Sam and together they will try to solve a mystery in which the pirates are also involved. There will be the hidden treasures also that as a player you have to find out.


The other system requirement will be simple as the other version of the same game. You need to have a graphics card attached to your PC. The platform of the game will be PS4.

Where to order:

This game is going to come in the market on 10th may, 2016. The best way to order for this game is to order it online. You are going to get the game in the various online play store like Amazon, Zavvi, and game. There are other online sources also from where you can purchase the game online or can download the game.



Enjoy improved version gaming consoles over your own PlayStation!


Now a day gaming consoles have been in the news all time.

Kids and teenagers are the actual lovers of PlayStation games. In their free hours, they love playing games either on computers or on machines specially meant for games.

It has been a revolution in the fields of entertainment. Eventually, basic compositions of series of games are attached to these PlayStation with fantastic look and patterns.

Multiple usages can be done at a time with these play station.

Major played collections of games:

Though play stations have been the best time pass and suitable beneficiary gaming scheme for kids.

Probably this play station has evolved a large group of online players and purchase of gaming consoles. Ultimately, it has expanded the store of play station to a larger group. Today the most played games genuinely include NFS, Criminal case, etc.

They have been preferably an attraction for the players.

Benefit of play station:

Eventually apart from being a free time scheme of entertainment play stations have also been learning experiences for kids and teenagers.

A wide range of stiff games improves human focus ability and even their minds of handling situations.


Today a wide range of play station gaming consoles have been launched within the markets for your enjoyment.



What are the different versions of PlayStation and its utility?


What is PlayStation?

PlayStation is a type of video game that developed by Sony. The PlayStation was established in the year 1994. Then in the year 2000 Playstation version 2 and in the year 2006 PlayStation version 3 was released. The first version of PlayStation was the modified as well as improved version of earlier cartridge players. This cartridge player was released in the year 1990.

Unique graphic design:

A scientific and unique quality graphic design has been used in the PlayStation game. The CD-ROMs loaded with PlayStation allows the players faster loading times, better graphical user interfaces as well as powerful visual environments. The modified version of this game PS2 provides another facility with regard to the processing power as well as gameplay.

Online gaming facility:

A CPU can be able to do sixty-six million polygons per second. It has also USB ports as well as a modem that allows the user to play the game online. To compete with Xbox 360 of Microsoft and Wii of Nintendo, this console feels the interest to release the PS3 edition of PlayStation. The PS3 includes the facilities:

  • A Cell processor of 3.2 Ghz
  • WIFI
  • A USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet port as well as Bluetooth 2.0
  • A totally functional web browser
  • Multiple users outline
  • Display & playback and Media file storage


Want to be a superstar? Go grab a play station now

 Video games are something 90s kids will be able to recall or recollect very easily. That was the time when the computer was an option only for the affluent and video games became quite famous around the world. You could connect it to your TV and play your favourite games. But then computers became an integral part of everyone’s life.

PlayStations a first look

To protect the market of video games, the concept of PlayStation was introduced. It was a modified and much better version of the previous video games model. You can actually be a part of the game that you are playing. Previously you could only control the bots using some of the limited powers at your disposal. But in a play station, there are no such limits. You play and that is how your player on screen plays.

A few famous games

One of the famous games played on a PlayStation is WWE. You actually get to play the role of your favourite superstar over there and somewhat lead his life for that time. Games like racing are also pretty famous and playing them gives great pleasure. So if you haven’t played it yet do get hold of such games.

For a 90’s kid, his childhood was awesome if he had a video game. But the recent generation calls for modernisation. So for them, there couldn’t be a better resolution than this. Grab a PlayStation and play your favourite game now.


PlayStation: the most thrilled way to play a game

 As the technology is advancing with great speed, it is helping the gamers a lot, because these days’ they are playing the games in a lot easier way. There are many gaming consoles are present today like PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox one, etc.

Main gaming consoles:

  • PlayStation:

PlayStation is the sequence of video game console which is authorized by Sony Entertainment. Sony introduced four versions of PlayStation. In 1994, Sony launched their first gaming console known as Playstation. Then they launched PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and recently they released PlayStation 4. Playstation 3 is super cool, but PlayStation 4 is the god of all the PlayStation versions because of the graphics and the features.

  • Xbox:

Xbox is another series of gaming console but it is created and authorized by Microsoft. In Xbox also, there are many consoles like Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox one. Xbox one is the latest version of the Xbox console.

Xbox or PlayStation 4:

Xbox and PlayStation both were launched in 2013. So there is a significant competition between these two gaming consoles as both of them belong from two different reputed companies. But PlayStation 4 is a genius, an excellent creation by Sony. Except the game library, Sony PlayStation 4 wins in every section of hardware, performance, graphics, etc.

So it is always a pleasure to play the games like Fifa 16, Need for speed, and watchdogs in PlayStation 4. As it is very user-friendly, the users don’t face any problem at all.


PlayStation: a tremendous gaming experience including fun

 Games are very important for everyone. They make you feel fresh and healthy. It is always advised to play outdoor games if you cannot manage to have regular workout regime. Games are used for entertainment of people as well as a physical exercise. These have been a part of human society since 2600BC.

Components of game:

The components of a PlayStation include the tools which are used to play it and the rules according to which game is played. The strategy used to play or win the game also plays an important role.

  • Tools: the tools differ with the game being played. Every game has its own tools define for particularly for that game only. There are various things which act as tools for games like the leather ball, the chess pawns, the dice and coins or cards as well.
  • Rules: the rules are different for every game. Outdoor game has different rules for an indoor game. The rules of the games are often modified with time and conditions.
  • Strategy: the game plan is a very important part of a game and helps in making your game successful. If your strategy is good and well framed, you can surely win the game.

PlayStation is always preferred by people over tough workouts. The fun involved in the games is the reason people chose games over exercising. A well-played game is itself an exercise for the body and the mind.