PlayStation: the most popular video game console


The first PS console:

PlayStation also was known as PS is a video game console that was created by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a series of consoles, and the first original PlayStation was launched in the market of Japan on 3rd December 1994. 100 million pieces of the console were shipped after 9 years of its launch.

The next consoles:

The next console in the series is the PlayStation 2 that was launched in 2000. Up till December 2012, Sony has sold 155million units of the 2nd console. Next Sony released the PlayStation 3 in 2006. About 80 million units of the PS 3 have been sold all over the world. The latest PlayStation, the PS 4 was launched in 2013. In the first 24 hours of its release, it has sold 1 million units which have made it the fastest selling PS in the history.

Online service:

The online service is offered by the PlayStation Network, which has about 110m, million users worldwide. PlayStation Mobile provides the content of the network on mobiles.

The PlayStation Store is a form of the virtual market from where one can buy and download games. It also has a social network for gaming called PlayStation Home.




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