PlayStation serves the youth with varieties of video games

What is PlayStation?

PlayStation is an online service which is created by Sony Computer Entertainment, which was first introduced in the month of December in 1994 in Japan. It is a series of video game consoles which has more than a million users using the service. It consists of an online virtual market named as the PlayStation Store allowing users to download games.

Versions of PlayStations

The first PlayStation, named playstation1 was the first video game console which shipped 100 million units. The next one, named playstation2 was introduced in the year 2000. This is the best-selling home console till date. Playstation3 was introduced in the year 2006 with more than 90 million consoles worldwide. Playstation4 came in 2013 with over a million consoles in less than an hour. This has become a history as the fastest selling console worldwide.

Why is PlayStation important?

PlayStation plays one of the major roles in streaming the lifecycle of the gaming industries nowadays. PlayStation services are an advantage to the publishers in getting extra revenue from back catalogue games. It also helps to purchase the games faster soon after its release. It also helped the Sony Company to increase its brand name wider and faster since it served as a major entertainment for the youngsters.

Online multiplayer is the most important thing why everyone today is subscribing to PlayStation plus. It lets you play games with anyone who is not with you at present. This increases the urge of using the PlayStation by most of the people today.


PlayStation not only provides facilities to the users, but also it helps the company in better marketing. With growing trends in technology, PlayStation is one of the finest technologies that has ever grown in last five years and marked rapid changes in the business.



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