Is Shadow of the Colossus the best PlayStation 2 game?


About the Game

Shadow of the Colossus is a video game released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 in the year of 2005. Basically, it is an adventure game and was probably one of the earliest ‘open world games’ for the PlayStation 2.


When it was initially released, it got high critical appreciation from a lot of gaming outlets and magazines. It was not a breakout success amongst the fans by a long shot. However, in the present gaming scenario, it is considered to be one of the cult classics of the past decade.

What makes it the best?

According to a lot of people, this game is the pinnacle of what this industry can achieve. It is not just a video game but a form of art in its purest state. For its time, it had a lot of things that other games could not hope to achieve at that point in time.

  • Cutting edge graphics with high-resolution
  • A completely open world to interact with.
  • Excellent and inventive gameplay mechanics.
  • A compelling story.

What made this game stand out is essentially the gameplay. The game in itself is just 16 huge boss fights! How many games have you seen that can pull off such an idea? Here it is done with utmost perfection. Complement that with a great story that moves at a smooth pace and you have got the recipe for probably the best game in the history of the PlayStation.





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