Brief description about several PlayStations

 Play station is believed to be one of the best time passing devices for kids and children. They love to sit in front of the play station and play their favorite games. But it is important to know what play station is?

  • Brief history of PlayStation:

Play station is the brainchild of the Japanese scientists. It is nothing but video game consoles. It consists of the media center, two handheld, a line of controller, home consoles, a phone, online service, multiple magazines, etc. Actually, it was executive of SONY Company who first conceptualized this computer entertaining system.

  • Upgraded version of play station available:

Play station 2: In 2000, play station 2 had been introduced to the market which had CD/ROM and DVD/ROM, two controllers, network adapter, remote control and 8 MB to128 MB memory card which supports play station2.

Play station 3: In the year 2006 this model had been released in the market which had been equipped with XMB system software, online services like play station network or play station store, etc. Even free Linux platform is also available for consumers.

Play station 4: 2014 when play station 4 had been endorsed in the global market with its new features.  It has 8-Core AMD “Jaguar” CPU, play station network online service, Orbis OS system software and TBA for consumer programmability. Over 35million people are using this computer entertaining device just to be entertained.

Throughout the world Play station is widely used and very popular entertainment device just like online anime websites. Kids are crazy for this device.




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