PlayStations: a journey that changed gaming life

 Play Stations are basically series of video game consoles first introduced in japan. Initially just a gaming console, it now has an online service, four home consoles, media center and a sequence of magazines.

Play station became quite a sensation almost as soon as it hit the market! It was launched back in the time when there was no such thing as an affordable CD-ROM gaming and thus completely revolutionized the gaming industry.

Gaming consoles through the years

  • The original play station was a culture on its own. It ruled the market with its simple but unique features and made gaming more fun!
  • The success of the play station was followed by a much more attractive and advanced play station2. This one not only had the looks but the features too!

This new gaming console could support both CDs and DVDs and was thus quite a rage in the market.

  • Next to rule the market was the play station portable that made gaming reach a whole new different level. You could even watch movies, listen to music view photos and even surf the net! In all the portable play station was quite the whole package!
  • The play station 3 entertainment systems set a whole new standard for entertainment! It utilized a combination of RSX processors and Cell apart from an inbuilt hard disk drive and a Blu-ray player. This console offered a broad range of displays, each more stunning than the other.
  • The next to hit the shelves and further the revolution was the play station 4 with its stunning visuals and the newly incorporated share button. With its improved graphic processor, gaming was never so much fun!

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