PlayStation 3: how is it different from PlayStation 1 and 2?


This article is about PlayStation 3 and how it has differed from PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2. Well, to be very technical, it has differed a lot! The question arises is that how is the change made?

  • Firstly, the new PlayStation has a built in the hard This hard drive stores various needful games and their data and other details. Details like photos, music and any kind of other file related to the game.
  • The new model of PlayStation is easily comparable to the Blu-Ray disc. It can store up to 50 GB of data, whereas a normal DVD disc of the double layer can only store up to 9 GB of data.
  • Allows you to watch HD movies if you want to.
  • The reason you can watch HD movies is that you have the required space to store enough pixels to watch high-quality
  • Any other normal DVD do not have that kind of space.

The best part about PlayStation is that you can even play games online. New and interesting games can all be found here. Let’s you play more hardcore and die-hard games. You do not have to get bored playing with just a single user; you can easily play it with various others servers.




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