Atlantis Lost empire game

Atlantis Lost empire game

Atlantis is the game which is played in the Playstation. The plot of the game is like the tidal wave is triggered at some distance which is threatening the island of Atlantis. In the middle is the queen of Atlantis that is caught by some strange and hypnotic type of blue light and it is located in the heart of Atlantis. The crystal is with her and it carets the barrier as it protects the innermost district of city. The queen has left behind a young daughter when the island sinks beneath the ocean.

When the team is sent and it passes through the number of caves and after that they reach the Atlantis. Kida is met there who resembles the young woman. The crystal with the queen detects there is some problem and treat and merges with Kida. She is locked and they leave her behind. The king explains about the crystal to Milo and tells him that he has to save Atlantis and Kida. The battle takes place in volcano and when Milo slashes with the crystal it collides. Finally the crystal returns to kida and then to Milo. The remaining crew members return the surface and decide that they will discover Atlantis.



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