Adventure of Lomax game

The adventure of Lomax is also a well known game in Playstation and it is known as Lomax. It is the spin off video game which is of the Lemmings series. The player in the game plays the role of Lomax which is the main character and it has to save the friends and other animals from some evil doctor. The game was not only released on Playstation but also on windows. The plot of the game is that the Lomax is lemming knight and his friends rare transformed into evil Ed and his aim is to stop this by using the magical helmet and making them normal.

In this game the player has to navigate from 4 worlds which are of 3 levels each and it is the side scrolling platform game. The enemies are those who are brainwashed and are turned into monsters. The monsters are in the form of aliens, cowboys and zombies. If the player bumps into the monsters then they will get killed. Once the player kills them they all will get converted back into the normal lemmings and leave in peace. The coins are scattered all over the levels which will provide the player energy.




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