2 on 2 open ice challenge game

Playstation is the most famous platform for playing games and one of the famous games is 2 on 2 open ice challenge. It is an ice hockey game which was released by Midway Games in 1995. It was launched on Playstation in 1996. The game is familiar with the arcade counterpart and has the exception that the Winnipeg that is moved by phoenix was accepted after the conclusion was drawn in 1995-96. The Phoenix coyotes replaced the Jets in the plantation. The roster of the team was changed in the games and the Nikola version replaced the Tim one.

The ice game was also launched in the windows operating system in 1997. The version was same and the teams were also same as they were on the Playstation version. The game is an officially licensed one. The programmer, designer and other member’s in the making of the game are well known and the announcer in the game is Blackhawks Pat which is a famous voice of Chicago. If the team achieves the status of on fire then the vice of announcer is heard and at times it will announce toasty. The game has been the famous one on Playstation and also on windows platform.




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