Final fantasy game

Playstation is famous for video games. The final fantasy video games contain the list of games in the form of final fantasy video games series. It is developed by Square Enix. The first game was launched in 1987 in Japan and the final fantasy video games are launched every year. Till now there have been 14 numbers of games released in the final fantasy series. There are sequels and other related video games have also been launched. There are number of titles in the media forms. Every game in the main series has a different fictional universe and does not serve as the sequels to prior games.

Many of the Playstation games have been re-released for various platforms. Many of the games are included in the collection releases. The series is composed of the role playing video games. It also includes the massive multiplayer online games, tower defense games, third person shooters and tactical role playing games. The final fantasy games have been released on various video games consoles. It started with the Nintendo entertainment system, for personal computers and mobile phones also. The game has been sold for over 100 million units till 2011.The final fantasy is one of most famous games in Playstation.





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