Multiplayer in army men of Playstation

There are 4 armies in the army men game of Playstation. The blue army seems to have the fluid alliances. The armies are rarely seen on the front lines and the real talent lies in sabotage and other missions. The blue nation is working towards what they see beneficial to them which means they charge for the services as well. In some games the blue army ahs the alliance with the green army and in some they have the alliance with the other army. The high ranking officers in the blue army are seen in purple and they are seen very rarely.

The gold army is only seen in the multilayer mode of sarge war. There is also the red army which is seen in the multiplayer mode in sarge war. The orange team is also in the game which appears when the general plastron wants to conquer the nations in plastic world. This is not related with the orange aliens. They also appear in the multiplayer mode in army men. The black army is also not involved in the game like the black army and there are zombies in the army men II which are formed of different factions.



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