Army men game in Playstation

Playstation contains the series of games of Army Men. Army Men is the game developed by the 3DO and Global star software. The game is based on the 4 types of army of blue, tan, grey and green color. The green army is the protagonists in the series. They are the toy soldiers that are physically modeled after Vietnam U.S. Army. During the first few army men games, the political balance is unstable and they are fighting against Blue, Grey and Tan Army. The other 3 are allies at times and they fight together against the green army.

The Tan army is the usual antagonist in the series. They started the war along with green and hey invaded the 3 main areas which are the Alpine, bayou and desert regions. The tan army also has some internal conflicts. In the Army Men II the Major attempted to throw the Tan commander chief. Assassinations also take place internally. Army men original PC game has the first encounter with the grey forces. The tan and grey army are at war with the green army and with that they are also at war with each other. Each army ahs their different weapons and the game are quite interesting to play.



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