LSD in Playstation

Sony and Nintendo were working together but due to conflicts they parted away. After that, Sega proposed a deal to Sony for a joint venture. Sony and Sega were working together for developing the Sega CD but the hayao of Sega turned up the idea and the venture was broken. Sega a put its complete efforts in the games 32x and Sega Saturn and launched its own console. Unfortunately Sega Playstation and Nintendo Playstation failed.

In Japan in 1998, a game named LSD was launched. The game was horror video game and it was based on a dream journal which was kept away by a developer. The player has to navigate in the dreamscape and it gets stranger and interesting till the player wakes up. After that the player is returned to the start screen. The same concept was applied in the super Mario brother games. The environment fluctuates on the basis of the moves of player and the fluctuations are random. Strange things happen in this place. The creatures manipulate the reality. The one who has played this game will always be in flashbacks for few weeks. He will revisit the dreams and scenes. This game was released in Playstation one.



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