Atlantis Lost empire game

Atlantis Lost empire game

Atlantis is the game which is played in the Playstation. The plot of the game is like the tidal wave is triggered at some distance which is threatening the island of Atlantis. In the middle is the queen of Atlantis that is caught by some strange and hypnotic type of blue light and it is located in the heart of Atlantis. The crystal is with her and it carets the barrier as it protects the innermost district of city. The queen has left behind a young daughter when the island sinks beneath the ocean.

When the team is sent and it passes through the number of caves and after that they reach the Atlantis. Kida is met there who resembles the young woman. The crystal with the queen detects there is some problem and treat and merges with Kida. She is locked and they leave her behind. The king explains about the crystal to Milo and tells him that he has to save Atlantis and Kida. The battle takes place in volcano and when Milo slashes with the crystal it collides. Finally the crystal returns to kida and then to Milo. The remaining crew members return the surface and decide that they will discover Atlantis.



Adventure of Lomax game

The adventure of Lomax is also a well known game in Playstation and it is known as Lomax. It is the spin off video game which is of the Lemmings series. The player in the game plays the role of Lomax which is the main character and it has to save the friends and other animals from some evil doctor. The game was not only released on Playstation but also on windows. The plot of the game is that the Lomax is lemming knight and his friends rare transformed into evil Ed and his aim is to stop this by using the magical helmet and making them normal.

In this game the player has to navigate from 4 worlds which are of 3 levels each and it is the side scrolling platform game. The enemies are those who are brainwashed and are turned into monsters. The monsters are in the form of aliens, cowboys and zombies. If the player bumps into the monsters then they will get killed. Once the player kills them they all will get converted back into the normal lemmings and leave in peace. The coins are scattered all over the levels which will provide the player energy.



2 on 2 open ice challenge game

Playstation is the most famous platform for playing games and one of the famous games is 2 on 2 open ice challenge. It is an ice hockey game which was released by Midway Games in 1995. It was launched on Playstation in 1996. The game is familiar with the arcade counterpart and has the exception that the Winnipeg that is moved by phoenix was accepted after the conclusion was drawn in 1995-96. The Phoenix coyotes replaced the Jets in the plantation. The roster of the team was changed in the games and the Nikola version replaced the Tim one.

The ice game was also launched in the windows operating system in 1997. The version was same and the teams were also same as they were on the Playstation version. The game is an officially licensed one. The programmer, designer and other member’s in the making of the game are well known and the announcer in the game is Blackhawks Pat which is a famous voice of Chicago. If the team achieves the status of on fire then the vice of announcer is heard and at times it will announce toasty. The game has been the famous one on Playstation and also on windows platform.



Final fantasy game

Playstation is famous for video games. The final fantasy video games contain the list of games in the form of final fantasy video games series. It is developed by Square Enix. The first game was launched in 1987 in Japan and the final fantasy video games are launched every year. Till now there have been 14 numbers of games released in the final fantasy series. There are sequels and other related video games have also been launched. There are number of titles in the media forms. Every game in the main series has a different fictional universe and does not serve as the sequels to prior games.

Many of the Playstation games have been re-released for various platforms. Many of the games are included in the collection releases. The series is composed of the role playing video games. It also includes the massive multiplayer online games, tower defense games, third person shooters and tactical role playing games. The final fantasy games have been released on various video games consoles. It started with the Nintendo entertainment system, for personal computers and mobile phones also. The game has been sold for over 100 million units till 2011.The final fantasy is one of most famous games in Playstation.




Trending Designs for Your WordPress Themes

Designing your website where clients can get to know you and your product can play a central role in your business. If you are looking to remodel your website, WordPress may serve as a useful tool, especially with the wide variety of themes available. The WordPress theme you select sets the tone for your website and your business.

If you need and want to learn more about what wordpress is all about, read this

Recently, a few website design trends have risen to the top to take your business to the next level and suit your needs. User engagement features also continue to gain importance in web design. In terms of style elements, large-scale images and large-font titles and headings are top trends. One-page layouts are also a popular format for business websites. The following WordPress themes and trends will lead you and your business into the year.



  1. X- The Theme


The X WordPress theme was created by Theme Co in collaboration with experienced internet entrepreneurs. Their goal was to create a comprehensive theme with the key components required to create an effective business website. X provides several extensions making it easy to adapt the site to your needs and integrates responsive design. Most notably, this theme uses four unique stacks to allow for extensive customization and nearly unlimited styling, allowing you to use a theme while achieving a unique look.


  1. Divi


Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is extremely versatile making it a great choice for any business. It is user-friendly, with drag and drop functionality, making this WordPress download a great option for everyone, and not just expert coders. It emphasizes responsive design, making it accessible to all users. The page builder function is a key selling point.


  1. Zero


Zero WordPress theme is another multifunctional option, which can be used for your blog, business and more. With three homepage models and numerous blog templates, you have access to a wide range of options for content organization and design. This is another user-friendly option that provides straightforward tools for creating and editing content. This WordPress download also integrates responsive design to address the needs of all potential visitors.


  1. Enfold


Enfold WordPress theme is a flexible option for growing businesses. The dynamic template builder helps you to quickly create a website. That said, with eighteen skins and various styling options, you can build endless unique layouts and save templates as you go. The responsive design approach allows user access from any device. The interactive elements including slideshows, toggles and galleries are key features that help you display your work.


  1. Kalium


Kalium WordPress theme has a sleek design best suited for creative businesses displaying portfolios or blogs. With simple and clear layout choices as well as black and white skin options, Kalium is the right choice if you prefer a minimalist approach. This WordPress download is based on responsive design. Hover styles and a sticky menu are added bonuses of this WordPress theme.


  1. Compass


Compass WordPress theme is modern and professional making it a popular option for business websites. The theme comes with a one-page concept, concentrating key information in a clean layout. With four homepages and five skins to choose from, this is a straightforward WordPress theme. This WordPress download is also compatible with any device.


Hopefully one of these WordPress themes is just what you were looking for. You can learn more about these and other themes here.




Multiplayer in army men of Playstation

There are 4 armies in the army men game of Playstation. The blue army seems to have the fluid alliances. The armies are rarely seen on the front lines and the real talent lies in sabotage and other missions. The blue nation is working towards what they see beneficial to them which means they charge for the services as well. In some games the blue army ahs the alliance with the green army and in some they have the alliance with the other army. The high ranking officers in the blue army are seen in purple and they are seen very rarely.

The gold army is only seen in the multilayer mode of sarge war. There is also the red army which is seen in the multiplayer mode in sarge war. The orange team is also in the game which appears when the general plastron wants to conquer the nations in plastic world. This is not related with the orange aliens. They also appear in the multiplayer mode in army men. The black army is also not involved in the game like the black army and there are zombies in the army men II which are formed of different factions.


Army men game in Playstation

Playstation contains the series of games of Army Men. Army Men is the game developed by the 3DO and Global star software. The game is based on the 4 types of army of blue, tan, grey and green color. The green army is the protagonists in the series. They are the toy soldiers that are physically modeled after Vietnam U.S. Army. During the first few army men games, the political balance is unstable and they are fighting against Blue, Grey and Tan Army. The other 3 are allies at times and they fight together against the green army.

The Tan army is the usual antagonist in the series. They started the war along with green and hey invaded the 3 main areas which are the Alpine, bayou and desert regions. The tan army also has some internal conflicts. In the Army Men II the Major attempted to throw the Tan commander chief. Assassinations also take place internally. Army men original PC game has the first encounter with the grey forces. The tan and grey army are at war with the green army and with that they are also at war with each other. Each army ahs their different weapons and the game are quite interesting to play.


Decline of Playstation

Playstation is one of the most popular video game consoles at present. There was number of games that were released in Playstation 2 in 2004 but the number of games decreased in 2006 when the Playstation 3 was launched. FIFA14 game was till then published in many of the systems. It was also in the Playstation 2 in 2013. Final Fantasy XI was the last game that was released on Playstation 2 and it came out in 2013. The production of Playstation 2 system stopped in January 2013. An attacker i.e. a hacker attacked the system of Sony and it damaged the systems similarly like the Japanese tsunami and earthquake had attacked and destroyed.

In 2011 the hackers hacked into the database of Sony and accessed the information of various network users and Playstation networks. The cost of repairing the damage occurred was estimated to be 171.7 million dollars. Such high cost was incurred as the new build up of database and computers were required. Other expense was providing compensation to the customers. The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011 incurred 208.5 million dollars expense. These things resulted in decrease in profits of Sony and the Playstation.



LSD in Playstation

Sony and Nintendo were working together but due to conflicts they parted away. After that, Sega proposed a deal to Sony for a joint venture. Sony and Sega were working together for developing the Sega CD but the hayao of Sega turned up the idea and the venture was broken. Sega a put its complete efforts in the games 32x and Sega Saturn and launched its own console. Unfortunately Sega Playstation and Nintendo Playstation failed.

In Japan in 1998, a game named LSD was launched. The game was horror video game and it was based on a dream journal which was kept away by a developer. The player has to navigate in the dreamscape and it gets stranger and interesting till the player wakes up. After that the player is returned to the start screen. The same concept was applied in the super Mario brother games. The environment fluctuates on the basis of the moves of player and the fluctuations are random. Strange things happen in this place. The creatures manipulate the reality. The one who has played this game will always be in flashbacks for few weeks. He will revisit the dreams and scenes. This game was released in Playstation one.