History of Playstation

Playstation, the well known video game, is the result of a failed collaboration. Sony and Nintendo were working together for developing the CD ROM drive and they wanted to add it to Nintendo. The conflicts came regarding the distribution of profits between Sony and Nintendo and this led Nintendo to stop the project and end up the deal with Sony. Sony did not stop there. It continued working for its own CD ROM as the standalone game system.

Nintendo was on its own path but there was a disadvantage in it that it still continued with the cartridge technology which was outdated. This was used even when Nintendo 64 was launched. Final fantasy 7 of squaresoft was to be launched on Nintendo 64 but the cartridges it used did not have sufficient memory which can be provided by CD. So, Final Fantasy 7 was launched on Playstation and it became one of the successful games in the industry. This was a great achievement and if Sony continued to be with Nintendo then the Playstation would have remained Playstation Nintendo. But it developed uniquely its own ways and became successful. Sony played differently and Playstation is most liked by the people at present.



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