Why not buy Playstation4?

Playstation4 has much reason which tempts you for buying it but it has some negative effects as well. It provides with many games but Sony does not provide with the famous games such as angry birds star wars and many others. Such games are chargeable and the cost is high. The playsttaion4 does not include the app for ios and android play, remote play and also does not have the improved camera. Dualsshock4 is the best gamepad created till now and has a touchpad, motion sensors and lots ore but still it is a gamepad. Playstation 4 has all the games similar to playstation3 and has some fantastic and high definition games which can make your pockets bigger.

Many of the other stations are integrated with the TV. Playstation4 has Amazon, Netflix and hulu plus but they can show TV and moves for rent or you have to purchase it. Paystaion4 does not give flexibility when you have to connect it with TV. You need to place it beside TV and provide the impost and it is a bit complex. In other platforms you score is stored for many years but in case if playsttion4 it is not possible. When you switch it on, you are a beginner.


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