History of Playstation

Games are the thing which is the requirement for almost every person at present. Playstation is a well known series of game which is created by Sony computer entertainment. Initially one 1 console of the brand was introduced and sold and at present it consist of 4 consoles and lots more. The initial series was Playstation and it was the first video game which sold 100 million units in 9 years. It was then succeeded by Playstation 2. The sale of Playstation 2 was also very good as it reached 155 million unites. Then Playstation 3 was launched and 80 million consoles were sold. The latest console of Sony is Playstation 4whihc made a remark of 1 million consoles in first 24 hours.

The handheld game console i.e. Playstation portable was also sold with high quantities. It was succeeded by Playstation vita which was sold in major territories of world. Playstation TV which is the micro console was also sold and some other hardware was also introduced. But die to high process the products were short lived. Then the television Sony bravia was designed such that it integrated with Playstation. Playstation is the video game which is dream of every child.


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