Graphics in Drawn To Death

All PS4 games on the market today feature top notch graphics, and while every game comes closer and closer to looking real, rarely do I find a game whose graphics can stop me in my tracks. Drawn To Death, an upcoming free-to-play release for Playstation 4, has done exactly this.

Drawn To Death is a third person multiplayer shooter game taking place on the pages of a high school student’s notebook. All the graphics in the game are made to look like scrappy doodles, akin to the kinds of nonsensical stuff that goes on in the heads of bored high schoolers. Your character “dives in” to a 3D doodle-filled world within the notebook. The omniscient kid who is responsible for the drawings continues to draw new scenes and dangerous situations for your character to dive into, as you play. When the kid has decided he is done, his hand reaches into the world to kill, erase or otherwise destroy the sceneries and characters.

There’s an interesting bit of truth to this game in the sense that I can recall drawing similarly intense doodles in all of my high school notebooks. Drawings of aliens, monsters, cars, people and scratchy looking landscapes always framed my notes for class. My doodles, however, never looked this cool, nor did they jump into the page to fight one another.



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