PlayStation Online Services

Sony offers a variety on services for PlayStation users online. Mainly PlayStation store is the place you can browse through thousands of games and you can purchase hard copies or download the game directly for all versions of PlayStation consoles. PlayStation network is the place you can find many people and in can compete and play with them in your desired game online. 110 million users are using PlayStation network worldwide.

Sony also provide downloadable content and patch downloads for the users. Sony also provide system software updates to download aromatically through playstation plus service. Sony also introduced playstation blog so that it can update its latest ventures, games and discussions with big gaming heads and not only that users can comment, leave their opinions and suggestions on the blog. Sony also introduced PlayStation app both ios and android platforms so that users can view latest playstation news on their mobiles and can interact with their PSN friends. But you cannot play any games on the app. Life with playstation is the application released by Sony jointly with Stanford university in which you can donate your PSP processing power to a good cause. PlayStation provides numerous services for the satisfaction of its customers.


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