History of Playstation

Playstation, the well known video game, is the result of a failed collaboration. Sony and Nintendo were working together for developing the CD ROM drive and they wanted to add it to Nintendo. The conflicts came regarding the distribution of profits between Sony and Nintendo and this led Nintendo to stop the project and end up the deal with Sony. Sony did not stop there. It continued working for its own CD ROM as the standalone game system.

Nintendo was on its own path but there was a disadvantage in it that it still continued with the cartridge technology which was outdated. This was used even when Nintendo 64 was launched. Final fantasy 7 of squaresoft was to be launched on Nintendo 64 but the cartridges it used did not have sufficient memory which can be provided by CD. So, Final Fantasy 7 was launched on Playstation and it became one of the successful games in the industry. This was a great achievement and if Sony continued to be with Nintendo then the Playstation would have remained Playstation Nintendo. But it developed uniquely its own ways and became successful. Sony played differently and Playstation is most liked by the people at present.



Why not buy Playstation4?

Playstation4 has much reason which tempts you for buying it but it has some negative effects as well. It provides with many games but Sony does not provide with the famous games such as angry birds star wars and many others. Such games are chargeable and the cost is high. The playsttaion4 does not include the app for ios and android play, remote play and also does not have the improved camera. Dualsshock4 is the best gamepad created till now and has a touchpad, motion sensors and lots ore but still it is a gamepad. Playstation 4 has all the games similar to playstation3 and has some fantastic and high definition games which can make your pockets bigger.

Many of the other stations are integrated with the TV. Playstation4 has Amazon, Netflix and hulu plus but they can show TV and moves for rent or you have to purchase it. Paystaion4 does not give flexibility when you have to connect it with TV. You need to place it beside TV and provide the impost and it is a bit complex. In other platforms you score is stored for many years but in case if playsttion4 it is not possible. When you switch it on, you are a beginner.

Why buy playsataion4?

The latest version of Playstation is Playstation 4 and there are some reasons to buy Playstation 4. The most important reason to have Playstation 4 is its console. The console is considered as the most powerful console of the next generation. The performance of the games in Playstation 4 has showed great effects. The games are running in 1080p whereas it is played in 720p or lower performance. So, Playstation 4 is famous and widely used because of its performance.

It is cheaper as compared to others. It is cheaper even if you take the extra camera facility. There are many facilities and extra benefits which can be taken with the Playstation4. All the extra benefits are available at cheaper rates and thus due to the cheap rates playstation4 is best option to buy. It is the best console which is most refined. Playstation4 is the console that is best in design, honed and completely polished and seems as if it is near to perfection.  Playstation4 comes with the most refined gamepad which is built by Sony. Dualshock4 is the gamepad which has the smarted updates in past years. If you are fan of gamepad then Dualshock4 is the best option for you.

History of Playstation

Games are the thing which is the requirement for almost every person at present. Playstation is a well known series of game which is created by Sony computer entertainment. Initially one 1 console of the brand was introduced and sold and at present it consist of 4 consoles and lots more. The initial series was Playstation and it was the first video game which sold 100 million units in 9 years. It was then succeeded by Playstation 2. The sale of Playstation 2 was also very good as it reached 155 million unites. Then Playstation 3 was launched and 80 million consoles were sold. The latest console of Sony is Playstation 4whihc made a remark of 1 million consoles in first 24 hours.

The handheld game console i.e. Playstation portable was also sold with high quantities. It was succeeded by Playstation vita which was sold in major territories of world. Playstation TV which is the micro console was also sold and some other hardware was also introduced. But die to high process the products were short lived. Then the television Sony bravia was designed such that it integrated with Playstation. Playstation is the video game which is dream of every child.

Uncharted 4 Coming to PS4 in 2016

One of Playstation’s most successful game franchises, Uncharted, returns in 2016 with its fourth installment, exclusively for Playstation 4. The Uncharted franchise stars explorer and treasure hunter Nathan Drake, who lives an adventurer’s life that would put Indiana Jones or Lara Croft to shame. While not too much information has been revealed about the upcoming release, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, there is a teaser trailer which gives a little insight in regard to what’s to come.

The trailer features a conversation between Nathan Drake and his friend Sully, the audio playing over footage of Drake waking up in the jungle bloody and alone. “I know the risks,” Drake tells Sully, “but come on, Sully. It’s a sure-fire plan.” Sully responds, telling him that if there’s a single thing he’s learned in all his years, it’s that there’s no such thing as a sure-fire plan.  Meanwhile, Drake wakes up, grabs a loaded gun and wanders off into the jungle as our focus is redirected to a series of bamboo cages, human skeletons enclosed behind their bars. This teaser leaves a lot to be considered, but if this game is anything like it’s predecessors it’s sure to be one of 2016’s hottest releases.





Amplitude is Back!

If, like me, you were a kid who grew up on Playstation instead of Nintendo, you might remember the high energy cult classic game Amplitude for PS2. A product of Harmonix, Amplitude was a rhythm game in which the player controls a beat blaster ship that shoots note gems in real time with the music, akin to Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but without the accompaniment of those cheap, flimsy plastic instruments.

After completing a successful Kickstarter campaign where they raised over $840,000, Harmonix has successfully rebooted Amplitude. Harmonix’s reboot gives the PS2 classic new, high quality visuals, tons of new songs, localized multiplayer options and a single-player campaign in the form of a sci-fi concept album. Ampliture for PS4 will feature over 30 new songs from Freezepop, Darren Korb, Insomniac Games and C148, as well as Harmonix’s various in-house producers. Kickstarter supporters will receive the game a little early, on December 23. Amplitude officially launches on January 5, 2016. It will be available in the Playstation store for $19.99.


Graphics in Drawn To Death

All PS4 games on the market today feature top notch graphics, and while every game comes closer and closer to looking real, rarely do I find a game whose graphics can stop me in my tracks. Drawn To Death, an upcoming free-to-play release for Playstation 4, has done exactly this.

Drawn To Death is a third person multiplayer shooter game taking place on the pages of a high school student’s notebook. All the graphics in the game are made to look like scrappy doodles, akin to the kinds of nonsensical stuff that goes on in the heads of bored high schoolers. Your character “dives in” to a 3D doodle-filled world within the notebook. The omniscient kid who is responsible for the drawings continues to draw new scenes and dangerous situations for your character to dive into, as you play. When the kid has decided he is done, his hand reaches into the world to kill, erase or otherwise destroy the sceneries and characters.

There’s an interesting bit of truth to this game in the sense that I can recall drawing similarly intense doodles in all of my high school notebooks. Drawings of aliens, monsters, cars, people and scratchy looking landscapes always framed my notes for class. My doodles, however, never looked this cool, nor did they jump into the page to fight one another.


PlayStation Online Services

Sony offers a variety on services for PlayStation users online. Mainly PlayStation store is the place you can browse through thousands of games and you can purchase hard copies or download the game directly for all versions of PlayStation consoles. PlayStation network is the place you can find many people and in can compete and play with them in your desired game online. 110 million users are using PlayStation network worldwide.

Sony also provide downloadable content and patch downloads for the users. Sony also provide system software updates to download aromatically through playstation plus service. Sony also introduced playstation blog so that it can update its latest ventures, games and discussions with big gaming heads and not only that users can comment, leave their opinions and suggestions on the blog. Sony also introduced PlayStation app both ios and android platforms so that users can view latest playstation news on their mobiles and can interact with their PSN friends. But you cannot play any games on the app. Life with playstation is the application released by Sony jointly with Stanford university in which you can donate your PSP processing power to a good cause. PlayStation provides numerous services for the satisfaction of its customers.