PlayStation Handheld Systems (PlayStation Portable)

PlayStation Portable is released in December 2004. It is the first handheld controller from Sony. It is introduced as competition for Nintendo ds console. It contains universal media disc in which user can store games as well as movies. It has 32MB of internal memory which can be expanded by external card. The buttons and controls are similar to the PlayStation controller with circle, triangle, square ad cross which are in white color. The initial model in this is PSP-1000. The second version is PSP-2000 released in September 2007 which is around 33% lighter in weight and 19% slimmer in size compared to the initial release. After that PSP-3000 and PSP Go models are also released to the public which are more revised versions of PSP-2000. PSP E1000 is the model developed for mid range customers and it is cheap compared to the other PSP’s. It does not contain WI-fi, and dual speakers. In December 2011 PCH-1000 or PSP Vita is released Which consists of 1gb internal memory, 5 inch touchscreen and Arm cortex-A9 processor with touch pad. In 2013 PCH-2000 is introduced with much enhancements to PCH-1000. Which is 20 % slim and 15% light weighted than PCH-1000. PSPs are a favorite of children and a huge success for Sony.


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