The Origin Of Playstation

Play Station also known as PS is the invention of Ken Kutaragi. He is a hardware engineering executive in Sony. Actually PS is the joint venture of Nintendo and Sony in 1988. But it was not revealed to the public and when asked, denied by Nintendo about its development. But in June 1991 Nintendo broke its deal with Sony because it cannot come to an agreement regarding revenue split-up. Then Sony president Norio Ohga decided to develop PS and appointed Ken Kutaragi to the task. Ken Kutaragi faced heavy criticism from Nintendo on his work. In June 1992 a meeting was held and Sony decided not to join hands with Nintendo regarding PS project and to develop it as a solo venture of Sony due to the criticism faced by Ken from Nintendo. In the same meeting Ken unveiled  CD ROM based video game console with 3D graphics he is working on. Ken and his team are shifted to Sony Music, so that he can work in peace. There he met Shigeo Maruyama, Akira Sato, Terry Tokunaka, Olaf Olafsson the key members in Sony. The PS was released to Japanese stores in December 1994 and it is a huge success due to its low price than its competitor Sega.


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