PlayStation Controllers

Without a Controller what is a PlayStation. When PlayStation 1 is released controllers are a huge hit because they are robust to use and gave a very comfortable gaming experience. In 1994 with the release of PlayStation 1 PlayStation control pad is also released. It is the first gaming controller for PlayStation. It is comfortable to hold in both hands and buttons are soft to press so that the gaming experience is not spoiled. It consists of a D-pad with four buttons green triangle, blue cross, red circle, pink square. Start and Stop buttons are also given on the top. For extra functions to experience by the gamer l1,l2,r1,r2 buttons are also given. But the drawback with this model is you van go either in left, right, front, back directions only. You cannot move in cross directions. So Sony introduced PlayStation analog joystick for playing third person 3D stimulation games. In 1997 it was replaced by dual analog controller. Then in 1998 dual-shock controller was introduced and it is the longest running controller for play station. For PlayStation 3, Six axis controller was released and it is no different from dual-shock controller but just does not have vibration motors. A motion controller wand is introduced for PlayStation 3 which is a motion sensing device called play station move.



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