What is PlayStation TV

PlayStation TV is designed by Sony and it is a set-top-box used on TV to play games which is the PS Vita. It can be plugged into a television and gives access to compatible Vita, PSP and PSOne games with a game card slot which is included or through play station store. It’s main screen resemble PS Vita’s user interface with icons, and games it allows access to, and allowing you to navigate content to your TV same as Apple TV. But it failed to provide Netflix which is on PS Vita and like it.

You can play PS 4 games from another room remotely. You need not to have PS 4 to operate other features. It can play PSOne and PSP games bought from PlayStore but does not support all PS Vita games. Check the games for control methods before you buy a game card.

Its price is 100$ which is cheaper when compared to Xbox which is 500$. This box also contains Wi-Fi. If you connect Ethernet port to your router, playing PS4 through remote play this way can increase your performance levels. It is the most refined game console by Sony.


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