PlayStation Handheld Systems (PlayStation Portable)

PlayStation Portable is released in December 2004. It is the first handheld controller from Sony. It is introduced as competition for Nintendo ds console. It contains universal media disc in which user can store games as well as movies. It has 32MB of internal memory which can be expanded by external card. The buttons and controls are similar to the PlayStation controller with circle, triangle, square ad cross which are in white color. The initial model in this is PSP-1000. The second version is PSP-2000 released in September 2007 which is around 33% lighter in weight and 19% slimmer in size compared to the initial release. After that PSP-3000 and PSP Go models are also released to the public which are more revised versions of PSP-2000. PSP E1000 is the model developed for mid range customers and it is cheap compared to the other PSP’s. It does not contain WI-fi, and dual speakers. In December 2011 PCH-1000 or PSP Vita is released Which consists of 1gb internal memory, 5 inch touchscreen and Arm cortex-A9 processor with touch pad. In 2013 PCH-2000 is introduced with much enhancements to PCH-1000. Which is 20 % slim and 15% light weighted than PCH-1000. PSPs are a favorite of children and a huge success for Sony.


PlayStation Home Consoles

PlayStation 1 is released on December 3, 1994. It is the first dual hand held game device of PlayStation series. Then a special black PlayStation was released named Net Yaroze. Psone a smaller version of PlayStation 1 is introduced along side PlayStation 2.103 million units of PlayStation 1 and psone are sold. PlayStation and psone are the fifth generation video game consoles.PlayStation 32 is released in 2000 and it is the sixth generation of video game consoles. It is the  most sold and successful video game home console in the world. 155 million consoles are sold by the end of December 2012. PlayStation 2 is the best selling video game home console of all time up-to now. The production of PlayStation 2 came to a halt in December 2012 and still many people own a PlayStation 2. PlayStation 3 is released in November 2006 and is the seventh generation gaming console. It has sold 80 million units by the end of November 2013. PlayStation 4 is released in February 2013 and is the latest gaming console from Sony and is the eight generation video game console. X86 architecture is introduced in PlayStation 4. With an app you can change your mobile display into secondary screen for gaming in PS4.

The Origin Of Playstation

Play Station also known as PS is the invention of Ken Kutaragi. He is a hardware engineering executive in Sony. Actually PS is the joint venture of Nintendo and Sony in 1988. But it was not revealed to the public and when asked, denied by Nintendo about its development. But in June 1991 Nintendo broke its deal with Sony because it cannot come to an agreement regarding revenue split-up. Then Sony president Norio Ohga decided to develop PS and appointed Ken Kutaragi to the task. Ken Kutaragi faced heavy criticism from Nintendo on his work. In June 1992 a meeting was held and Sony decided not to join hands with Nintendo regarding PS project and to develop it as a solo venture of Sony due to the criticism faced by Ken from Nintendo. In the same meeting Ken unveiled  CD ROM based video game console with 3D graphics he is working on. Ken and his team are shifted to Sony Music, so that he can work in peace. There he met Shigeo Maruyama, Akira Sato, Terry Tokunaka, Olaf Olafsson the key members in Sony. The PS was released to Japanese stores in December 1994 and it is a huge success due to its low price than its competitor Sega.

PlayStation Games

Very PlayStation console have their own set of games released exclusively for them. But some games can be played on any generation console. For example a game released for PlayStation 1 can be played on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. But games released for PlayStation 3 cannot be played on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 1. Games are released in two ways physical form such as discs and also can be downloaded from PlayStation store. PlayStation portable games can be purchased in the similar manner. Super hit games of all the PlayStation consoles are released by Sony at low prices. If a game is to join the greatest hits category it has to fulfill some conditions. For a PlayStation 1 game it has to sell minimum 250000 copies in one year. For a  PlayStation 2 game it has to sell minimum 400000 copies in 9 months, for a PlayStation 3 game it has to sell 500000 copies in 10 months and for a PSP game it has to sell 250000 copies in p months to join the greatest hits category. Some of the greatest hits are god of war, gran turismo, uncharted, little big planet, motor storm. Many games are remastered to HD and are released for playstation 3.

PlayStation Controllers

Without a Controller what is a PlayStation. When PlayStation 1 is released controllers are a huge hit because they are robust to use and gave a very comfortable gaming experience. In 1994 with the release of PlayStation 1 PlayStation control pad is also released. It is the first gaming controller for PlayStation. It is comfortable to hold in both hands and buttons are soft to press so that the gaming experience is not spoiled. It consists of a D-pad with four buttons green triangle, blue cross, red circle, pink square. Start and Stop buttons are also given on the top. For extra functions to experience by the gamer l1,l2,r1,r2 buttons are also given. But the drawback with this model is you van go either in left, right, front, back directions only. You cannot move in cross directions. So Sony introduced PlayStation analog joystick for playing third person 3D stimulation games. In 1997 it was replaced by dual analog controller. Then in 1998 dual-shock controller was introduced and it is the longest running controller for play station. For PlayStation 3, Six axis controller was released and it is no different from dual-shock controller but just does not have vibration motors. A motion controller wand is introduced for PlayStation 3 which is a motion sensing device called play station move.


What is PlayStation TV

PlayStation TV is designed by Sony and it is a set-top-box used on TV to play games which is the PS Vita. It can be plugged into a television and gives access to compatible Vita, PSP and PSOne games with a game card slot which is included or through play station store. It’s main screen resemble PS Vita’s user interface with icons, and games it allows access to, and allowing you to navigate content to your TV same as Apple TV. But it failed to provide Netflix which is on PS Vita and like it.

You can play PS 4 games from another room remotely. You need not to have PS 4 to operate other features. It can play PSOne and PSP games bought from PlayStore but does not support all PS Vita games. Check the games for control methods before you buy a game card.

Its price is 100$ which is cheaper when compared to Xbox which is 500$. This box also contains Wi-Fi. If you connect Ethernet port to your router, playing PS4 through remote play this way can increase your performance levels. It is the most refined game console by Sony.

Uses Of PlayStation Camera

PlayStation Camera is the additional device and is sold separately from PS4. PS4 comes with PlayRoom which is a collection of games and demos to make use of playstation camera. There is a voice system allowed for PlayStation camera. You can say things aloud with this. If you would like to play a game, then go to games and just say the name of the game. The device displays you the game you want.

If you want to turn off the camera, you can turn off it by your voice commands. It has simple navigation and the camera uses its sensors to identify your face in a room. When it identifies you, it signs you into the Playstation. Without the need of pressing buttons on controller, the camera can read patterns on your. You can provide commentary with Twitch app. There are also many other voice commands.

Sure the camera is a great addition for players who want their gaming live stream. Voice and motion controls are the best things to show its best interface. Although it can be reached to its potential fully, yet it is a great product by sony.

How To Set Up A PlayStation Emulator

PlayStation games are the games which are liked by everyone, but what if your system does not support for some games. Thus a Playstation Emulator comes into role, by setting the emulator , you can change your computer some of the other computer which supports all types of specific games you want. For running a Playstation emulator, you need:

  • Minimum of 1 GHz processor.
  • 3d graphics card.
  • Minimum 512mb ram.
  • Usb or psp controller.

The ePSXe emulator is software that mimics the playstation console features. Download it from its official website ePSXe. After completion of download, run it and install it by creating desktop shortcut when it asks you to do so. After completion of installing you will be able to see ePSXe icon, double click on it and confirm it to run the software, now you can play the game as if you played the PlayStation console. Except  your computer or USB or PSP controller, you can play the games by inserting dvds in the dvd rome as you play it with Playstation console.

Tips To Avail Cheap And The Best Play Station Deals

Tips to avail cheap and the best Play station deals

There is plenty of video game fanatics are searching for the appropriate types of Play station deal in these days. However with the availability of many online stores and tech sellers to choose from this can be a big issue to finding the one that can offer you with the best possible bargain. These are capable of reading via the DVDs and CDs. In the country Japan, the first Play station was introduced to the market.


Find right Play station deals

Now you can get plenty of newer versions in this particular product. If in case you are the video game junkie then the online websites offers you with enormous amount of info regarding your most favorite games.  This is highly recommended that you can purchase your favorite game online. However in lots cases you avail it a lot inexpensive at the regular stores.

One of the primary things that you require to do when you are buying this type of video gaming system is need to be canvass for various Play station prices. This can helps you to identify the average selling prices of the products and you can avoid the shops that are overpricing. You can also check out the feedbacks to buy the good quality video game system.