God Of War Part 1

Hey there playstation lovers!

Hope you all doing good, playing as much as you can and kicking some opponent’s asses!

Today I want to talk about a game that for many playstation lovers considered to be the best game ever – God Of War.

God of war is an exclusive playstation game, which means that you can’t find it on computer, xbox or anything else.

God of  war is a third person game that based on the Greek mythology. The first game came out on playstation 2 and continued with the following console.

horus-33962_640 (1)

Kratos, the main character, is a Spartan warrior which challenges the gods from the Olympus. During the game you will witness a lot of characters from the Greek mythology and fight them to death. The story of the game is very interesting and surprising at some points. Once you start the game, you will never want to end it 🙂

This is for now, I will post from time to time a lot of things about this game from many aspects. At the meantime, if you never played this game, run to the nearest store and get the first one!



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