God Of War Part 1

Hey there playstation lovers!

Hope you all doing good, playing as much as you can and kicking some opponent’s asses!

Today I want to talk about a game that for many playstation lovers considered to be the best game ever – God Of War.

God of war is an exclusive playstation game, which means that you can’t find it on computer, xbox or anything else.

God ofΒ  war is a third person game that based on the Greek mythology. The first game came out on playstation 2 and continued with the following console.

horus-33962_640 (1)

Kratos, the main character, is a Spartan warrior which challenges the gods from the Olympus. During the game you will witness a lot of characters from the Greek mythology and fight them to death. The story of the game is very interesting and surprising at some points. Once you start the game, you will never want to end it πŸ™‚

This is for now, I will post from time to time a lot of things about this game from many aspects. At the meantime, if you never played this game, run to the nearest store and get the first one!



Network Problems

I’m so pissed right now!!! Playstation network is down again for the million time!

I just came home after a long day and all I wanted was to play.

The plan was to meet my friend online in order to do missions together in GTA5. The online mode is so much fun there. So I got home, took a quick shower and something to eat, and I settled on the couch. Suddenly I noticed that something is wrong and I can’t see the online stuff. I checked at the downdetector website, which tells you what is the status of playstation network, and if there were problems in the last 24 hours. The network was down at the last few hours and I tried for like an hour until I gave up. The evening was ruin 😦

Print screen from downdetector.com

Print screen from downdetector.com

Hope that the guys from playstation network will start to take their customers seriously…


The “Uncharted” series is the best thing ever came out on playstation to my opinion. The first game of the series is “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune”, came out exclusively for playstation in 2007 by “Naughty Dog”.

Uncharted is a third person game that combines adventure, riddles, shooting and other fun stuff. The added value in this game is the story. When I played this game at the first time I felt like I’m participating in some kind of movie. The characters are really likable. You can feel that there was thought behind every text that was written.

The main character, Nathan Drake seeks for treasures and live for thrills. He is a funny character and has companions along the game. If you loved “The Last Us” you will definitely love this one.

A Life Without Playstation

Try to imagine life without playstation. I can’t think about that more than 2 seconds, it makes me ill J

If I have nothing to do I can play all day long without breaks. Maybe just for food and drinks but that’s it. If I want to meet friends I can meet them at the party chat mode and that’s it.

Recently I finished many games – gta 5, sleeping dogs, broderlands, far cry 4, the new batman and some more that I don’t remember now.

Gta 5 was really awesome. That was a very long game that took something like 60 hours from my life. I love it! πŸ˜‰

Right now I’m exploring the online mode they have there and it’s great to. You can do some missions with friends, you can just explore the open world and fight with other online people, that’s awesome.

Ok, that’s it for now, have to get back to my gta 5 now!

The Last Of Us

The last of us is a great game which developed by Naughty Dog in 2013. The last of us Is exclusive for playstaion!

This is a third person game, action, pretty much like uncharted series.

There are 2 main characters in this game, you’ll get to play with both of them, but Joel is the main one. In a time of epidemic when almost everyone are infected, Joel and Ellie are trying to find their way to the big lab of the fireflies.

During the game you will have to snick, fight, figure things out and trying not to get to attached to the characters because it’s impossible πŸ˜‰

This game got great reviews from all magazines and sold millions of copies.

If you have playstation 4 you can get your copy also, since 2014.

If you feel you didn’t get enough after playing the game, you can purchase the expansion pack – “Left Behind”. In left behind you get to play Ellie and her friend while she seeks medicine for Joel, but hey, that’s enough, I don’t want to tell you everything. Get your copy and play!

Playing Online

Since I have my playstation 4 I barely meet my friends face to face πŸ˜‰

There is a thing called “party”. Party is where you can invite your playstation friends for an audio chat and then you can talk while playing, that’s awesome!


For example, when I play fifa with a friend, I can tell him what I’m about to do, or ask him to pass the ball while our opponents can’t hear us.

I have many games and it helps in every game that has co-op mode. Other than that it’s a cool thing to chat while you are playing. Even if both of you plays in different games, you can still do audio chat at the “party”.